Thursday, 26 April 2012


Finally i get to texture the vault room. I had so many ideas of how i wanted to do this and that i knew it had to be semi interesting. A lot of banks vaults are dull but as the lead up to the bank vault was quite high tech i thought id add a little more inside it and make it quite modern. 

The vault door frame is not finished and the lighting is a little off here but this is the entrance to the vault. 

As you move into the vault the walls are covered with deposit boxes forced open by the robbers. I am going to make this area more beat up adding extra stuff to the floor. The glass on the floor needs a cube map making to give it a glass shine.

Origionally i made this out of one mesh because i was trying not to use any more BSP (that stuff really takes it out of the performance). After doing this though i found that it was hard to UV and texture so split it into the 6 sections of the hexagon with optional wall space that could support a door, deposit boxes or shelves.

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