Saturday, 31 March 2012


I am forever tweaking lighting in my level and am having a problem setting it up to a believable standard. I have yet to implement the windows as i will have to wait until i merge with Steves exterior to line them up. Im hoping they will add some natural light to the lobby but in addition to that i have added some hanging lights that i previously couldnt add due to the low ceiling. A few weeks back the ceiling was raised to give the exterior a grander presence. This only caused minor tweaks to my interior but gave the room a lot more height. Now these hanging lights fit i think they fit well although it may all be moved around in later updates. They originally had environmental lighting properties but i dont know if it was the amount of lights or the emissive settings but they were far too bright with each build. Now they only emit false emissive and the scene around them is illuminated with a point light centered within each cluster.

Cash Desks

In the lower part of the lobby, off to one side there is a small area where people can go and withdraw cash, deposit cheques etc. The glass had to have a separate material to other glass used around the level because it wasnt going to be frosted. This was the only problem i faced when arranging these assets. Its a small addition that adds quite a bit to the bank.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


  I have started looking at modern additions to my level and here are some modern chair designs that i designed based off some recognizable styles. Here they are not finished and will update when they are but they are essentially leather blocks with a chrome frame and will be used in areas where customers can talk to the staff for longer periods of time. 

   As the colours for the bank are this yellow and black it is only fitting that they are black. Also the walls and floor of the lobby are pale and this brings it together. As you can see here the lighting is not properly sorted as i am having a hard time creating sharp shadows on the bsp floor. This is something i am trying to fix as lighting is important in this area of the level. The lights at the moment are small circular spotlights built into the ceiling. They are emitting their own light from the emissive map but maybe this is the problem and i can use point lights to fill out the lighting.

Monday, 26 March 2012


From the previous concept for that back wall idea i thought id go ahead and create the window design.

It still needs tweaking but is essentially how i wanted it to look and adds some interest to that wall that also breaks up the arches around the top. This piece has a real time reflection on it and is causing serious problems with frame rate. I am looking into cheaper alternatives but i feel i must keep it as it adds so much to my level.


I was planning on doing all the doors in one go but had a quick go at the lift because it was interesting.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Been meaning to post these for a while but as i haven't properly worked on the vault i forgot about them. Lasers! Ill play around with layout for them but i want them to be impassable, none of this ninja dodging through them.


Just some very quick paintings to help me visualize two parts of my level that have been lacking. The top shows the stair well idea for the back office and the bottom one shows the back wall of the lobby with towering glass windows to other offices.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Posters and adverts

I made a series of posters and adverts for my bank to help sell the setting a bit better. I have tried to stick to a colour scheme that worked and like all banks it was very minimal with a hand full of colours. I found it hard to decide on the colour pallet but wanted it to fit with the Midas name and gold like theme. After a lot of trial and error i found a yellow and black scheme that worked well.
Point of sale displays.

Various posters advertising deals and promoting that bank.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Here i have my two desks, the main desk and the back office desks. For these i was thinking they would be old refurbished work spaces for the new offices. They will bridge the gap between the old and new.

The wood grain was made using various settings in photoshop starting as 'render clouds'. I could'nt get a good texture from photographs and this turned out pretty effective. all the texture is hand made due to lack of texture quality within several reference images. I have managed to blend this hand painted piece into my work well an will be adding a few more self generated textures.

Friday, 2 March 2012


Textured PC for use around my level at various work spaces etc. The design is taken from my home PC but i have removed the logos and branding to make it my own. I also added a custom desktop to the design by making the background for my own pc and then taking a screenshot to created the texture. This will be the generic background for all pcs in the level however some will change depending on their use.

An emissive map has been added to this texture to really bring out the lights of the electrical device. The screen its self emits light and will be used to lighten darker areas of work space.