Sunday, 22 April 2012


Here is how i went about making my plants. I started by creating the texture with the leaves that i wanted to use. I got these from a local garden center and tried to stick to the indoor plants because these seemed best fitting. After bringing them into max i placed each one on a plane and divided them up into subsections for deformation. 

 I stacked a bend and twist modifier to each plant so i could twist and deform them individually and come back to them later to tweak as appropriate. When satisfied i collapsed them down and grouped them up.

I made different variations of some of the bigger plants so they wouldn't look to similar when placed in the level.

This is the first lot placed in the lobby. I was torn between this or a sculpture but after deciding on the central red carpet it seemed wrong to have two sculptures either side of it. Here you can also see the chunk of dome that the robbers had to break through and that it has smashed the planter causing pebbles and soil to be scattered across the floor. This makes for a intriguing point of interest.
This was the next use of planters in my level. These are found on the lowest floor just before the vault and have been encorporated into the stairs. 

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