Sunday, 22 April 2012

Vault Floor

This is the bottom floor of my bank. The level where the vault is. Here you see the vault lobby or waiting area for people who want to watch their precious items be placed in the vault. They can sit only a room away and watch on a monitor above. This room was made to still be inviting to customers as it would be an area visited by them. Although you can begin to see the fact that this is way under ground with the concrete ceiling and exposed piping. 

Heres another shot of the room, excuse Dolan the duck, he is a placeholder for the monitor display which will be of the vault room when it is complete. You can see here the ramp and stair access to the vault corridor this is for trollies or other items to be wheeled down. This is as far as clients can go.

Here is the security on the way to the vault. It is the only corridor access the the underground vault and as you can tell by the length of the corridor, the vault room is surrounded by a thick layer of earth. The lasers work on a grid with a moving laser sliding on each axis. The railings are suspended so the laser can run freely under them. 

Finally here is the vault room which is simple in design yet interesting. 

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